Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fujipla Alm 3220 Al-meister Totally Automatic Laminator Product Evaluation

Overview: Absolutely automatic laminating system Automated feeder Computerized trimmer Special SAP movie Anti static Will adhere to any print Designed for digital printer Push button operation-just like picture copier

Features/Strengths: Extraordinarily simple to use Load feeder with prints and press start Auto feeder is extraordinarily correct Person can stroll away to perform other tasks Eliminates all manual labor from feeding laminator and trimming prints Quick warm up time, warms up in lower than 5 minutes Straightforward to load film with coloration coded cartridges SAP film will adhere to any print Most films won't adhere to prints with heavy fuser oil from digital printer Anti static movie 1.7 nylon movie for single sided functions Quick arrange Preset widths for trimmer Digital touch screen to set temp, pace and margin management

Limitations: Maximum width of 12.6" Preset widths of trimmer for 11" and 12" prints with and with no margin Size is automatic and might be adjusted Fixed margins-no fine tuning for custom jobs on width Max speed of four' per minute However that is laminated and trimmed No labor Restricted film availability No 10 mil film Requires very little maintenance, nevertheless an area seller ought to be used for installation and coaching

Building: All metal development Steel cupboard on casters with waste bin for trimmed scraps Small foot print, could be saved when not in use Standard power requirements

Summary: Nice system for customers with page lamination wants and digital printers Film is right for difficult to laminate digital prints Supreme for short and lengthy runs of prints System will remove all handbook labor in lamination System has a high cost, but when labor financial savings is taken under consideration the system will pay for itself

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